Note From Pastor Brian

I believe to my very core that no child should be turned away from attending something that they feel God calling them to participate in. When I was younger I personally did not come from a family that was well off.  My father was a maintenance worker and a Marine and my mother was a teaching aid. When I was 12 my oldest brother was diagnosed with cancer which put my family in a place of being classified as a poor.
We were not poor because we didn’t work. The whole family worked including us boys so that we could help out by buying things like our own clothes and shoes. Also we were not poor because we didn’t manage our money well or lived above our means.
We were poor because we had circumstances in our lives that never allowed our family to be blessed finically.

 More than ever there are circumstances happening in the lives of this generation of teenagers. They are not lazy and avoiding work; they are just not blessed with the means to pay for some of the opportunities we offer at the church. I wish we could take every one of them and allow them to go for free; but the fact is that there are too many who need financial assistance.

So please if you can spare $20 consider giving to this campaign.

To help teenagers experience the community of christ in a way they never could have without your support.



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