July 9th-16th
What you need to go.

1.You need to write a letter to the mission advisory team explaining why you want to go to Panama “Hand in to Pastor Brian”Due Jan 8th"

2. You need to raise $1500 by use of support letter’s and fundraising. Talk to Jennifer Vieth for help on support Letters.
"Money Due May 1st"
"Half money Due April 1st"

3. Must Attend Spaghetti Fundraiser February 12th from 1pm-7pm Event takes place 4:30-6pm. Get work off now.

4. Check with your family doctor and get shots they prescribe. Must show verification that you performed those shots.

5. Need to set up meeting times with Pastor Brian to talk though your heart behind this trip.

6. Have a valid Passport. Make sure this does not expire 6 months after we get back. March 1st
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Packing List
It's recommended that people be seen by their health provider at least
4-6 weeks before the trip and let them know that you will be spending the majority of the time in Potrerillos Arriba a small town near Boquete in the province of Chiriquí in Panama, closer to Costa Rica. We will only spend 1.5 days in Panama City.

Doctor suggestions you should get the following:
1. Be sure your routine vaccinations are up-to-date (tetanus shot), Flu shot
2. Hepatitis A
3. Get an antibiotic such as Cipro, to have if you get sick
Based on where we are going Malaria has not been a problem. Typhoid and Hep B are OK to get but are not necessary for this trip.